Stephen Einstein & Associates, P.C. is a New Jersey collection law firm focusing on debt collection solutions in the Newark area and throughout the State of New Jersey for many different types of companies, both large and small. Our collection attorney experience dates back to 1989 when Mr. Einstein founded the firm and began his collection law practice. 

With many years of collection experience in the Newark area, our collection attorneys have both the collection and litigation experience to handle your bad debt claims efficiently and effectively with the type of results that you are looking for. 

Our staff consists of not only experienced collection attorneys but a well seasoned collection manager, a full compliment of collection personnel including a professional legal and administrative staff to provide exemplary service and support in the collection of your Newark accounts receivable. We strive to collect each and every account placed with our firm through the utilization of proven collection strategies and techniques that we have honed over our many years of service in the collection industry. As collection attorneys, our legal service area encompasses Newark and all of New Jersey, so irregardless of where your debtors are located, we can service your claims throughout the state.

Professional and Seasoned Staff

In addition to providing collection and litigation services for your Newark consumer and commercial claims, we also provide collections, enforcement and domestication on in stat court ordered judgments.Stephen Einstein & Associates, P.C. provides competitive rates, excellent service and support along with highly professional results. Our Newark collection attorneys and staff utilize the latest technological advancements in hardware and software to achieve enhanced collection success for our clients. Our firm possesses the ability to conduct dialer campaigns, live calls, skip tracing, mass account management, contested litigation and judgment enforcement.

There are many collection agencies and collection attorney firms in the Newark, New Jersey area but we firmly believe that our firm is one of your best choices to give you the service and support that you want and the collection results that you depend on. Stephen Einstein & Associates, P.C. is your source for the expeditious collection and recovery of your bad debt claims in Newark, New Jersey. We take pride in doing the very best we can every day in the collection of your accounts receivable. We stand ready to serve you!

As collection attorneys, we believe in providing our clients with the benefits and professionalism of a large collection firm with the accessibility of a small collection firm.  If you would like more information on how the collection attorneys and staff of Stephen Einstein & Associates, P.C. can help you turn your Newark claim or judgment into actual money please send your inquiry to or call us at (800) 280-6205.  


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